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Finance your Goals: My Goals

I love setting goals and tracking progress. I’m lucky that I don’t get discouraged if I don’t achieve a goal – progress can be enough to keep me motivated, or sometimes lack of progress helps me reprioritize or redefine a goal (or rethink what I really want).

I’ve written down my goals for years and love the process. Before I was married, a good friend of mine and I used to make an evening of it. We’d get a bottle wine, put on some inspiring music and take turns listing our short and long-term goals. I sort of thought everyone did this; however, my husband’s reaction the first time I introduced the idea quickly taught me that not everyone does this (or enjoys sitting down for hours pondering life and listing goals…who knew!). I’m a big nerd when it comes to goals (and spreadsheets, but that’s a whole other topic). I must admit, it’s very different disclosing all of my goals on this blog. It will be an interesting journey for me and I feel quite vulnerable. I’m trying to take refuge in the fact that I haven’t disclosed my identify and aside from my husband, I haven’t revealed to any family and friends that I’ve started a blog. For better or worse, I’ll do my best and document progress and steps to finance these (most have a financial implication even if not an explicit financial goal).

Below are my over-arching goals for the next 10 years. I plan to develop each goal (make them more specific and measurable) and break them down over a series of blog posts as I work my way through them. I expect some of these goals will change and I may not be able to achieve all of them, but I should be able to make progress. I also hope to share any lessons learned in hopes of helping anyone else who might be pursuing a similar goal.

Short Term Goals (over the next year)

  1. Start a family (have a baby and/or adopt).
  2. Travel within the US several times per year and once internationally using points (utilizing basic travel hacking via credit cards).
  3. Improve my fitness level (work out 3-5 times/ week) and nutrition (prepare well-balanced meals at home and increase our vegetable consumption).
  4. Start one or more side hustles to eventually match my earned income.
  5. Run and manage a successful blog.
  6. Get a new job and increase my pay by $10-15K/year.
  7. Attend FinCon 2017.
  8. Increase our net worth by $100K.

Medium Term Goals (over the next 1-5 years)

  1. Move closer to my parents to spend time with them and help them as they get older.
  2. Learn to garden and grow my own vegetables.
  3. Have a $1 Million net worth by 2020.
  4. Become financially independent by 2022 (specifically, have $10,000/month in passive income to allow us to cover our expenses, continue to save, do some traveling and enjoy the freedom of choosing to work a traditional job, or not).
  5. Find a way to give back to the local community.
  6. Continue our domestic and international travels.
  7. Increase my income by $25-50K/year (via traditional job and side hustles).

Long Term Goals (over the next 5-10 years)

  1. Live intercontinentally – not sure that’s a term, but my husband and I both have family in Europe and we’d like to eventually split our time between Europe and the U.S.
  2. Own (or rent) a waterfront home (on a big lake or ocean) with the ability to spend significant time in the home.
  3. Open a financial academy geared toward teaching personal finance to teens and adults.
  4. Learn a foreign language.
  5. Expose our kids to rural and urban life, as well as other cultures with family adventures.

If you happened to stumble across this blog post, I’d love to find out what goals you have or if we share any of the same goals, and how you plan to tackle them. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck in 2017!

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